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Known as the Warrington Community Related Assets (CRA), the 441 separate parcels of land include parks, grassland, woodland, unadopted roadsides, access paths, gardens and ponds, along with play areas at Whittle Hall and Grappenhall.

The Present and the Future

The Land Trust maintains these spaces to ensure they continue to enhance the local environment, supporting surrounding communities and providing resources for local communities through recreation activities, outdoor classrooms and events.

Warrington Contact

The site contact for our Warrington space is Kelly Thompson

This space is managed by the Land Trust.


Warrington, WA1

Site size: 137 hectares


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When the Warrington New Town was developed around 30 years ago a lot of effort was put into ensuring the newly created localities included attractively landscaped areas. These ‘bits’ of land are a significant factor in the high value and desirability of the area and contribute to the success of the New Town.

However maintenance of these pockets of land placed an on-going financial burden on the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) as the land-owner. In addition the management of over 400 pieces of land also involved a considerable administrative burden especially with regard to play equipment, tree management and resolving neighbourhood disputes.

Failure to maintain this land, allowing vegetation to grow unchecked and letting litter accumulate would significantly reduce the appeal of the area and subsequently affect its economic viability. Despite this work being undertaken by contractors, managing the contracts, keeping on top of the work schedules and ensuring they are being effectively carried out, took up a considerable amount of time.


The Land Trust has provided a cost effective exit for the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) that ensures these spaces are maintained in perpetuity and they continue to contribute to the success of the town. The Land Trust has effectively removed both the financial and resource burden from the HCA.

Funded by the Homes And Communities Agency.

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