Charitable aims

We want the green space that we manage to bring long term benefits to the community and the environment, as well as providing great spaces to visit and enjoy.

environment Environment and biodiversity

Creating, restoring and managing green spaces to improve the natural environment through increasing biodiversity and enhancing habitats.

health Health

Promoting the use of our green spaces for the improvement of the health and wellbeing of communities.

education Education and learning

Inspiring the current and next generation through vocational outdoor education and training opportunities.

economic Economic vitality

Optimising the economic value of our spaces and the services that they can provide to benefit the communities that are connected with them.

community Community Cohesion

By involving local people though volunteering and use of our sites and encouraging emotional ownership.

community The benefits of green space

Well managed green open spaces provide multiple benefits for people.

Delivering our aims

As well as improving the management and biodiversity of our parks and open spaces, our sustainable approach continues to increase participation in activities. Close working with our communities and local groups has enabled our parks to continue to develop as community resources and a focus for local activities.

In the year 2021/22 over

  • 1.9 million people visited one of our 85 sites
  • 25,890 people took part in community activities
  • 5,606 visited on a school visit and
  • 64,383 took part in health activities

Our performance is reported each year in our Annual Report and Accounts.

For further reading about the Land Trust click here – Publications and Corporate Documents 

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