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Why work with the Land Trust?

The potential benefits of working in partnership with us include:

  • The transfer of the risks and liabilities of managing the open spaces on a long-term basis, enabling you to divert your resources to your core business in the knowledge that the open space will be managed to an agreed standard, such as:
    • Environmental risk
    • Public liability
    • Planning conditions
    • Financial accounting
    • Health and safety
  • The enhancement of environmental and green credentials, and a comprehensive community engagement programme designed to involve local residents, contributing to your corporate social responsibility outputs.
  • Identifying a funding model tailored to your scheme which includes all short and long-term maintenance costs.
  • Increasing the saleability of new residential and commercial developments, through the commitment that the open spaces will be properly cared for within a long-term and sustainable plan, through legal agreements, and with the support of the local community.
  • Assisting with the planning process, which can:
    • Provide regulators with confidence
    • Aid the community consultation process
    • Improve the site’s design
    • Create security of the long-term management
    • Provide expert advice on potential cost savings
  • Our ability to leverage additional grant funding that will enhance the quality of management for the site.

To summarise, in contrast to many of our competitors, we, as a charity, are not driven by a need to deliver a given profit margin, and therefore offer a secure, sustainable and socially responsible management strategy for your open space. This frees you from land management issues, gives you the confidence that the open space will contribute to your wider aspirations and will maximise the collective benefit to the local community, therefore contributing to your CSR objectives as well as your commercial returns.


The Land Trust has expertise to advise on landscape designs and the implications for long term management, potential cost savings, cost estimates for annual maintenance and in perpetuity management. Typically we will act as a consultant when there is a potential role for the Trust in the future management of the site.

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People from the local community attending a Land Trust consultation event. Copyright Oldham Evening Chronicle


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