Green Angels Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation forms are vital for the team to assess the effectiveness and suitability of our Green Angels courses. They provide valuable information to the team to enable us to provide the best possible courses, free of charge across a variety of sites.

At the start of every course, we request the two following forms are filled out:

The general code of conduct form outlines the expectations for all trainees who take part in a Green Angels Course. We ask all trainees to agree to the code of conduct before the start of a course.

The baseline perceptions form offers a snapshot of your skills, experience, and knowledge prior to taking part in a Green Angels course.

Once you have completed a course or workshop, we then require two final forms to be completed which are listed below:

The end of course perfection form provides information on any new skills, knowledge, or experiences you have gained during your time on a Green Angels course.

The Course feedback form allows the team to assess your enjoyment of the course, the suitability of resources provided and overall satisfaction of the course.  

We appreciate your support in ensuring all forms are completed before leaving a Green Angels Course.


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