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For over 16 years the Land Trust has developed a model of working with landowners to acquire the long term management of green space, particularly sites associated with former industrial uses including mining and landfill. In 2015 the Land Trust started exploring a new area of business in the form of residential green space management paid for by service charge.

Management of green spaces, particularly within residential property developments, can be a controversial issue. When it goes wrong it has a detrimental impact on new communities, the mental health and wellbeing of residents and property values. It can also have a significantly adverse effect on the local wildlife, environment and biodiversity.

We identified a real need for an organisation to take on the public open space within a development, add social and economic value and manage it with fairness and the best interests of the residents at heart.

As a UK charity with many years’ experience of managing parks and open spaces, the Land Trust provide great value for money green space management that ensures our service charge customers have a safe, clean, green and attractive environment to enjoy.

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