Land acquisition

The Land Trust provides a secure exit for landowners from their land management responsibilities.

We take on the management of land including the associated maintenance, risks and liabilities such as planning conditions, public liability, health and safety and environmental risk.

The Trust has a wide variety of land in its portfolio from small areas of public realm within housing developments to large country parks and associated buildings such as visitor centres.

We have:

  • Formal hard landscaped areas
  • Urban parks
  • Ecological sensitive areas, such as
    • SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific interest)
    • Ancient woodland
    • SANGS (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Spaces)
    • Great crested newt mitigation areas
  • Play areas
  • Buildings associated with our sites (visitor centres and cafes)
  • Scheduled ancient monuments
  • Grazing areas
  • Fishing lakes
  • In fact most types of open space

We have also acquired unrestored brownfield sites and restored them to public open space.

Our role can include acting as facilitators of community engagement in the development process, to ensure the local community are involved in future designs of their new park or green space. This ensures it serves their needs.

As a neutral organisation, we can provide the assurance that once the park or green space is under our management, it will be secured and managed in perpetuity (or as agreed).

We also provide specialist advice and consulting services, pioneering best practice in the industry to help guide clients in the design and development of the open space, ensuring it meets the needs of all stakeholders. We are very flexible.

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