Land management

We currently own and manage over 2,000 hectares of land as quality open space, including land associated with developments, play areas, country parks, wetlands, community woodlands, ecology parks and protected areas for wildlife.

The majority of our land is freehold, but we also manage land with long term leases, particularly where we can be sure that the land can deliver benefits for the local community, in line with our charitable aims.

On each of our sites, our land management activity includes:

  • Guaranteeing that the land is managed to the agreed standard;
  • Professional experienced staff who oversee management;
  • Commissioning a contractor, or more typically a managing partner, to add value to the management of our sites;
  • Creating long term relationships with landowners, businesses, the wider community and other stakeholders to develop appropriate maintenance plans and management regimes;
  • Striving to continually improve our sites so that they have a permanent and positive effect on the economy and environment of a local area;
  • Hosting events to educate and promote healthier lifestyles and wellbeing, the majority of which are either free or heavily subsidised;
  • Leveraging additional funding options;
  • Actively managing land in a way that significantly reduces incidents of antisocial behaviour; and
  • Acting as interim managers on sites until economically viable end-use is identified

Our sites are managed on a day to day basis by local partners, through commercial contracts or partnership arrangements, which can significantly add value to the site. Our Managing Partners are selected for their competence and links with the local area and are a range of organisations, from charities and local authorities to community groups and social enterprises.

Our Managing Partners carry out the management and practical maintenance of our spaces on our behalf, such as grass cutting and inspections, engaging with the local community and organise and run events and activities to meet our charitable aims.

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