Fund management

Securing sustainable funding is key to the Land Trust’s operation, enabling us to manage our sites to an agreed standard typically in perpetuity.

We receive income for each site from a range of different sources. These include:

  • Service charges from residential dwellings or commercial properties
  • Endowments/commuted sums
  • Section 106/Community Infrastructure Levy payments
  • Operational income
    • Commercial use of sites, e.g. private events
    • Onsite charges, e.g. car parking, concessions
    • Rental income, e.g. grazing licences
    • Renewable energy technologies
  • Third party grants, e.g. English Woodland Grants Scheme, Landfill Communities funding

It will depend on the landowner (client) as to which income stream, or package is identified, to meet the ‘whole life’ obligations of managing the open space in perpetuity.

We take a flexible approach to how an open space can be funded, but we only take on land which has a sustainable, long term plan. We have developed a bespoke funding model that calculates the in perpetuity costs of managing a site or portfolio of sites, to enable us to work with the client to agree a long term solution for each site.

Working closely with our Investment Partners to protect the original investment and secure a good rate of return,  all funds invested for each open space are accounted for separately so that they are ring-fenced for each site.

The interest earned or annual income provides the annual site budget for each site, to ensure there is a permanent source of funding for annual maintenance. This ensures that the agreed standard of management is maintained long term.

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A rainbow over the river Thames and The Land Trust's site, Greenwich Ecology Park. Copyright Sally Thorburn


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