Additional views

We have additional views on other elements of regeneration, development and land which are not primary focuses for us, but which we occasionally discuss. These are outlined below.

Green Belt

What the Land Trust believes

We acquire and manage green spaces to benefit communities, wherever it falls geographically.

Therefore, our main focus is on ensuring that green open space exists wherever necessary to provide social, environmental and economic benefits.

If a development on green belt has been approved, our approach is to ensure that there is consideration for green spaces within this development so that communities can benefit from access to green space and help to limit urban sprawl.

In relation to new developments, our aim is to promote the value of green space, whether this is on brownfield or greenfield and ensure that there is sufficient green space in relation to a development.

Our view is that land should be used for the right reasons in the right places, and therefore, at times, it may make sense to build on green belt as long as the development is of good quality, provides sufficient green space within it to ensure existing and new communities can benefit from all that green spaces can provide.




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