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This historic pit building is a scheduled ancient monument which is managed, with the support of the Land Trust, by local community group the Pleasley Pit Trust. With a wealth of mining memorabilia on display, the pit provides a vital link to the past that will give future generations an idea of how their ancestors worked.

The Present and the Future

Pleasley Pit plays a vital role in keeping a crucial part of our industrial heritage alive. Thanks to the work of the Pleasley Pit Trust the building boasts one of the few remaining working winding engines – a truly amazing piece of engineering.

The site was awarded a prestigious Heritage Angel award in 2011 in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the preservation of our industrial heritage.

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The site contact for our Pleasley space is Alex Gibson Tel: 01623 818928 (cafe only)

This space is managed in partnership with Pleasley Pit Trust

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Pit Museum open Thursdays and Sundays plus additional open days and events.

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There are toilets within the Visitors Centre and Café which is open from 9.45 - 2pm every day except Tuesdays.
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The Visitors Centre and Café is open from 9.45 - 2pm every day except Tuesdays.

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Due to the nature of the site, access to certain areas can be limited or difficult for prams, wheelchairs etc. Some assistance may be available; please contact us before travelling.






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Pit Lane, Pleasley, Mansfield, Derbyshire, NG19 7PH

Site size: 5 hectares


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This site has received the following awards:

  • English Heritage Angel Award – November 2011

  • The historic Pleasley Pit was awarded an English Heritage Angel Award in November 2011, highlighting the Derbyshire site as the finest restored industrial building in the country.

    The awards, which were launched and part funded by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber are probably the country’s most important heritage prize, they celebrate the work of individuals and groups who have saved a significant historic place that was at risk of being lost forever.

    The award is deserved recognition for The Pleasley Pit Trust, who have worked tirelessly for over fifteen years on the restoration of the former colliery.


Pleasley Pit was the oldest and deepest pit in the East Midlands coalfield. The first shafts at Pleasley colliery were sunk between 1872 and 1875 and the colliery finally ceased production in 1983.

The colliery was noted for a number of innovative features, including the first electric lighting at the pit bottom, a cast iron shaft lining to control water inrushes and a novel arrangement of back to back winding houses. The buildings were listed in the 1990 and later designated as a scheduled ancient monument.

Investment from East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) via the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) National Coalfields Programme cleaned up the industrial dereliction left over from the closure of the Colliery in the 1980s and enabled the restoration of the building, a scheduled ancient monument.

On completion EMDA passed ownership of the pit on to the Land Trust. The Land Trust also cover the liabilities of the site and support the Pit Trust in their further restoration work and in protecting the historic building for future generations.

The site was awarded a prestigious Heritage Angel award in 2011 recognising it as the best example of a restored and preserved industrial building.


New visitor centre and cafe

The work of the Land Trust, in partnership with the Pleasley Pit Trust, has seen the site become a popular tourist attraction, welcoming thousands of visitors a year, with people coming to learn about the site’s unique history.

Pleasley also became known for it’s fantastic cafe, entirely run by its volunteers, and in 2019 the Land Trust secured a grant of £164,160 from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) through Bolsover North East Derbyshire LEADER programme, to create a new visitor centre and café on site.

The new building will bring more people to visit Pleasley Pit, including local schools and special interest groups, as well as providing a welcoming space for the local community. It will also provide a space for heritage displays, events and activities as well as areas for educational visits and talks.

The new building is now open and Land Trust Estates Manager, Charles Langtree, said:

“Whether it be restoring the engines, giving educational talks about the history of the building, or running a very successful café I never fail to be amazed by the hard work, dedication and commitment of the volunteer groups. The new facilities will enable us to build on this success, bring more visitors to the space and enhance the experience people have when they visit.”

Land Trust Contact

To contact the Land Trust about this site or how we could help manage your space please email our Estates Manager Simon Pedley or call 07789 651487.

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