Visit these spaces in the Midlands...

Avenue Washlands Nature Reserve

Avenue Washlands’ scenic green oasis is so rich in wildlife that you would never know that the former coking works on which the reserve is now located was reckoned to be the most contaminated site in Europe.

Brook Park

Brook Park is 37-hectare site that is home to specially recreated limestone grassland, providing a rich haven for diverse wildlife.


This historic pit building is a scheduled ancient monument which is managed, with the support of the Land Trust, by local community group the Pleasley Pit Trust. With a wealth of mining memorabilia on display, the pit provides a vital link to the past that will give future generations an idea of how their ancestors worked.

Silverdale Country Park

This picturesque 83-hectare park was created on the former Silverdale Colliery and provides an enticing venue for the public to enjoy and where nature can thrive.

The Old Brickworks Nature Reserve

The Old Brickworks Nature Reserve is a small but valuable green oasis. Classified as a Site of Biological Interest, the reserve supports a wide variety of important habitats including woodland, wetland and meadow areas right in the middle of the urban environment. This allows people to experience the joys of nature on their doorstep. The reserve comes alive during the summer with a burst of colourful wildflowers and butterflies.

Twywell Hills and Dales

Twywell Hills and Dales Country Park is much-loved and well used by the local community in East Northamptonshire. Its open fields and hilly landscape make the site popular amongst dog walkers, ramblers and people looking to escape the busy towns.