Hogmoor Inclosure

Region: South West

Prince Philip Park will comprise a variety of public open spaces totalling 114 hectares (equivalent to 158 football pitches). In order to preserve and enhance these spaces the areas will be managed by the Land Trust on behalf of Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company (WBRC). Hogmoor Inclosure is a more natural open space within this area and is the third largest Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) of its kind in the UK, containing a variety of habitats and natural features and will be a space where visitors can experience nature. It will be managed by the Land Trust on your behalf. Established in 2017, the purpose of this SANG is to avoid increased recreational pressure on the Wealden Heaths Phase II Special Protection Area (SPA), Shortheath Common Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Woolmer Forest (SAC) from new residential development by providing an alternative recreation area that offers a similar experience to the SPA and SACs.

What you can see

Hogmoor Inclosure is a haven for a variety of species of birds, with Foreys pond an excellent destination for those looking to take in some of the local wildlife. Hogmoor’s bat hibernation bunker is also an important facility to protect the local bat population, and if you go for a walk in the twilight you might see some of these amazing creatures flying around. You may also come across some of our bug hotels which provide a home for Hogmoor’s smallest residents, allowing them to shelter, grow and thrive.    

The Present and the Future

With over 54 hectares of woodland and heathland – equivalent to 70 football pitches – there is plenty of space for everyone to experience a breath of fresh air. You can enjoy walking, running and cycling trails, a play and picnic area, and great opportunities for wildlife spotting. Café Hogmoor is an excellent place to relax, includes an education room, and has toilets and changing facilities.

The green spaces are all about bringing the new community together, providing a safe, welcoming environment for all. Regular events and activities
will be organised throughout the year to be enjoyed by local residents.

Prince Philip Park has a dedicated Estates and Community Officer from the Land Trust who will have overall responsibility for delivering activities to bring the new community and residents together. They will supervise the work of Deadwater Valley Trust and other contractors, undertake regular site inspections and will be available to meet with residents to discuss future plans for Prince Philip Park.

The Land Trust believes a green space works best when the community is actively engaged and involved in how it is managed.

Our role will be to work in partnership with residents, volunteers and community groups so that the green spaces at Prince Philip Park are used in a way to provide maximum benefit to the people who call it home.


Mobility Scooter for hire 
New for 2023 Hogmoor Inclosure has a mobility scooter, known as a Tramper available to book if you find walking difficult but would like to explore this natural greenspace for a small charge. The charge goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle within Hogmoor Inclosure and is available from Café Hogmoor.

Email info@wb-ct.org to book or call 01420 558085 between 10am and 3pm for more details.
You do not need to be a blue badge holder but must be aged 16 or over.

What type of scooter is it?
It is an electric, all-terrain mobility scooter designed to cover rough ground and grass safely. It can go up and down slopes, through shallow puddles and across some mud and soft ground. It is limited to 4mph within Hogmoor Inclosure.

How do I book and contact you?
The scooter is available 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday.
Your booking entitles you to a two hour session, but you can return the scooter before then.
Choose between either 10am-12pm and 1pm – 3pm (subject to availability).
You can book for yourself or for another person to use.
Email info@wb-ct.org
For more information call Café Hogmoor on 01420 558085 between 10am and 3pm.

What do I need to do on the day?
Check in at Café Hogmoor on arrival with the following:
• Charged mobile phone for contact.
• Payment – £5 (cash & card accepted).

The scooter will be outside Café Hogmoor where you will be given a briefing/user induction. If you are unable to walk from the main carpark to the cafe please let us know and we will arrange for the scooter to be driven as close as possible to you.

Hogmoor Inclosure Contact

The site contact for our Hogmoor Inclosure space is Brendan Finnegan Tel: 01420 479070

This space is managed in partnership with Deadwater Valley Trust

Visitor Information

Opening Hours

The site has open pedestrian access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but our facilities are limited. Please follow government coronavirus guidelines (please provide a link to GOV website) when planning your visit. BBQ’s, stoves and fires are not permitted in any part of the Inclosure. We urge people to leave nothing behind that could harm the beauty of the forest so please take your litter home and dispose of it or recycle it there.

Car Parking

There is a free car park on Hogmoor Road which is open daily (1 October - 31 March, 7am - 7pm and 1 April - 30 September, 7am - 9pm) . Please keep highways and gateways clear and leave plenty of room for other road users to pass safely. Please avoid parking in residential side roads. If the car park is full or too busy please walk/cycle to site or use alternative carparks: • Temporary car park, Off Budds lane (Opposite the Skate Park). Spaces available – 96 (including 5 disabled spaces) • Bordon & Whitehill Town Centre car park, Havannah Way, Budds Ln, Bordon GU35 0JE. Spaces available – 150 (including 25 disabled) (1hr free parking) • BOSC car park, Bolley Avenue, Bordon, GU35 0HG. Spaces available – 65, (including 3 disabled spaces)


Yes. Open daily in conjunction with café opening hours. Other facilities include: • Baby changing facility • Changing places
(click here to find the nearest public toilets)


Cafe Hogmoor (located by the car park) is open seven days a week. Sat & Sun 9am-4pm | Mon - Fri 10am-4pm | Opening hours are subject to change. Please wear a face covering when both ordering and collecting food and drink. Indoor seating facilities are now available. Defibrillator available during opening hours

Entrance cost

The site is free to use.


There are both surfaced and unsurfaced paths. The land is generally level throughout, although uneven and wet in some places. Mobility Scooter for hire - New for 2023 Hogmoor Inclosure has a mobility scooter, known as a Tramper available to book if you find walking difficult but would like to explore this natural greenspace for a small charge. The charge goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle within Hogmoor Inclosure and is available from Café Hogmoor. Email info@wb-ct.org to book or call 01420 558085 between 10am and 3pm for more details. Further details can be found further up the page under Accessibility.


Yes. Surfaced and unsurfaced paths. Uneven in places. There are three waymarked trails with a leaflet available to download below. The Green loop, a 7km trail also connects Hogmoor Inclosure to the wider area of Whitehill and Bordon.


Well controlled dogs are welcome.

Things to do

Walking, bird watching, wildlife spotting, cycling, public art, natural play area, picnic areas, waymarked trails, brass rubbing trail and orienteering course. There is also an Educational room available for hire please contact: info@wbcommunitytrust.co.uk or contact Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust on 01420 558085 - www.wbcommunitytrust.co.uk

Conservation, Wildlife, Flora, Fauna

Scots pine dominated plantation woodland with areas of Oak, Silver Birch, Sweet Chestnut, Rowan and Holly. Downy Birch and Goat Willow in damper areas. Lowland heathland and acid grassland, Forey pond and several ephemeral ponds.

Other nearby attractions

Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve, Bordon Inclosure, Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre, Bordon and Oakhanger Sports Club, Bordon Roller Rink, Budds Lane Skate Park.

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Hogmoor Road, Whitehill & Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 9HN.

Site size: 54 hectares

Frequently Asked Questions

The Green Loop is a circa 7km (about 4 ½ miles) route that runs around Whitehill & Bordon, connecting green space on the edge of the town into a circuit for leisure, recreation and active, healthy enjoyment of the natural environment. You may previously have heard it referred to as the Green Grid Green Loop, during engagement it was decided that ‘Green Grid’ was too confusing and was therefore adopted into the Green Loop title. This encompasses the 7km Green Loop and the routes into and out of the town and town centre.

Yes, there is a cyclable route around the whole town, although parts of it remain quite narrow (e.g. through the Deadwater Valley), so an alternative is provided on-street along Conde Way. Can you use push chairs on the loop? Yes, the Green loop is paved with a mixture of Fittleworth stone, limestone chippings and in certain areas, tarmac which is generally suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

The path behind Whitehill Village Hall is one of a number of sections of the Green Loop to be delivered across private (MOD) land. This is phased to come forward as part of wider works on the former Garrison site.
This is currently a live construction site, and health and safety requirements prevent the mixing of pedestrians, cyclists and construction activity. As soon as the haul road that occupies this section of the Green Loop is decommissioned, the Green Loop will connect these two areas again.

There are maps placed at key entrances to the Green Loop and an online version is available here.

The Green Loop will be circa 7km (about 4 ½ miles) long once fully complete, although current detours mean that the present alignment is a little longer.

At a comfortable pace, it should be possible to walk the whole of the Green Loop in about 2hrs. Persons with young children or less able/agile persons may find it takes longer to complete the route. How can I work out my route? Try using the map that is available on the EHDC website at whitehillbordon.com. You can also download the map here.

The wayfinding posts and totems have been installed to make navigating the Green Loop easier. Look out for the coloured posts, maps and markers which contain directional information and (on the larger totems) a ‘you are here’ indicator.

The smaller posts contain direction finding metal plates that point in the direction of items engraved on them. All totems also feature ‘chevron’ branding (similar to the stripes for a non-commissioned officer) which usually points in the direction of the Green Loop. This is the branding for the wayfinding and has been designed to be eye-catching and visible in the outdoor environment.

On purpose! Special ‘Corten’ weathering steel was chosen for the totem bases, bands and plaques, allowing the metal to better blend with the natural environment. Rusting is a chemical reaction the surface of the steel only and has no impact on the structural integrity of the totems.

The choice of several colour palettes was consulted on via community workshop and sessions with local stakeholders. The colours used draw on some of the natural colours in the environment (e.g. Heather) as well as the logos and colours of local organisations so as to harmonise with what’s already happening in the town.

The study was funded by the EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and managed by EHDC with assistance from HCC. Local contractors and fabricators from within and around Whitehill & Bordon were selected ensure the value of funding was reinvested back into the local economy and foster civic pride in the community.

The times allocated are based on national walking averages and are intended to show the most direct route, this may not be necessary via the loop where a shorter route is available


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Hogmoor Inclosure was formerly an off-road tracked vehicle training area for the Army. It is set in the heart of Prince Philip Park, a major redevelopment of the former Prince Philip barracks that includes the creation of 2,400 new local homes. The Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company (WBRC) is a joint venture between Dorchester Regeneration and Taylor Wimpey appointed by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation to deliver the redevelopment.


With 2,400 new homes planned over the next 10 years there will be new employment opportunities and jobs created for local people. The creation
of the new town centre will see a variety of shops, cafes and office space as well as a leisure centre and cinema. With new transport links, Prince Philip Park will become a great place for new residents to live, work and play.

Land Trust Contact

To contact the Land Trust about this site or how we could help manage your space please email our Estates and Community Officer (South & West) Marie-Anne Phillips .

To enquire about holding an event on a Land Trust site, please click here.


Download Hogmoor Inclosure - Orienteering QR Code Plate Control Cards Download Hogmoor Inclosure Leaflet Download Hogmoor Inclosure Orienteering Course - Medium Download Hogmoor Inclosure Orienteering Course - Blue Download Hogmoor Inclosure Orienteering Course - Easy Download Hogmoor Inclosure Orienteering Course - Easy, Short Download Hogmoor Inclosure Orienteering Course - Hard Download Nature and Heritage Rubbings Trail at Hogmoor Inclosure

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