Bug Hunt

Hogmoor Inclosure

4th August 2022 : 10am - 12 noon

Come along to Hogmoor Inclosure and discover the bug life all around you.

Meeting at the Beehive we will head out into the Inclosure to search for and identify bugs we find.

This is a drop in and out event so you can stay for as long as you or your children are engaged for.

If you are joining us later look for the gazebos just past the statue pond.

We will also be collecting items to use to fill the Beehive Bug House and we will add them at the end of the session.


Suitable clothing and footwear.

Toilets available at the play area

10am at the Beehive or if joining later loo for the gazebos just past the statue pond.

On sand and uneven ground. Location for bug hunt accessible via legion trail route (head for the maternity bat roost)

Hogmoor Inclosure car park

Event Contact

For more information or if you have a query about this event please call or email Julie Reid

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