The Land Trust Hosts Event at Scottish Parliament

29th October 2015

The Land Trust will be hosting an event at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 29th October, exploring the options around ownership and management of community land assets.

Over 50 stakeholders will be attending the event to contribute to the debate about different management strategies for green infrastructure.

The event will include presentations by key speakers Alex Neil, Scottish Minister for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners Rights, Euan Hall, CEO of The Land Trust, Shonah Urquhart, Strategic Disposals Manager for Scottish Future Trust and Petra Biberback, CEO of Planing Aid for Scottland. The key speakers will address a wide range of issues around the management of green spaces and how to empower communities to become involved in the development of their local environment.

The Land Trust is the uk land management charity specialising in maximizing the benefits of green spaces by taking on the finacial and legal obligations of a site while working with communities to help them maintain and develop thier local green spaces.

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The Land Trust Hosts Event at Scottish Parliament


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