New Country Park granted planning permission

27th July 2021

A new Country Park at Cronton Colliery has moved a step closer after planning permission for the park was granted.

The Land Trust has freehold ownership of Cronton which has been closed for more than 20 years. The planning will enable the Trust to realise its vision of restoring the site to a green space which can deliver significant economic and social value and be enjoyed by the local community.

The proposed new Country Park will contain a biodiverse habitat of wetlands, grasslands and woodlands.

A new sustainable transport route will follow the abandoned mineral railway line, facilitating safe access for all and connecting the towns and villages to the north and south of the M62. The Country Park will contain 11 acres of broadleaf woodland, eight acres of wetland habitat to be enjoyed and explored, and five kilometres of paths to use for walking, cycling or running.

Cronton Colliery
Land Trust Chief Executive, Euan Hall, said:

“With work now well underway on Halsnead Garden Village it’s vitally important that the green infrastructure within and around it is prioritised and this is a positive and significant step towards the Land Trust realising our vision of transforming Cronton Colliery into a picturesque green space.

“We know through our work on many other sites across the country that the quality of the green infrastructure, and how it is managed in the long-term, is vital to the success of new developments and communities. It is the green spaces that get people outside, meeting their neighbours and forming new relationships and enables these new areas to thrive.

“The new Country Park will also deliver a range of other benefits and will be a real haven for wildlife and biodiversity, create education and training opportunities and provide a boost for local businesses and the economy.”

The Land Trust will work in partnership with Michael Lee Architects on the design of the new Country Park.

Lee said:

“The park will provide a framework for a collection of new uses and activities to populate the site of the former Cronton Colliery. A network of paths will trace the routes through the coal seams below, organising the site and telling the story of past land use.

“This strategy allows for the preservation, exploration and incremental development of the site whilst ensuring the long-term future of a beautiful, socio-cultural landscape from our recent past. The park will plays a critical social and cultural role in preserving and articulating Cronton’s past whilst welcoming the existing and nascent communities.”

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View of the land at Cronton Colliery on a sunny day


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