Land Trust urges people to practice social distancing and behave responsibly on charity's green spaces

23rd March 2020

The Land Trust has called on people to use their spaces responsibly, practice social distancing and take their litter home with them following a weekend that saw thousands of people taking advantage of the good weather and using the opportunity to get outdoors.

Director of Portfolio Management, Alan Carter, said:

“While we recognise that it’s great for people’s physical and emotional wellbeing to be able to get outdoors during this incredibly difficult period, we have been concerned by reports across a number of our sites over the weekend about people not practising social distancing, and leaving great amounts of litter and dog mess on our green spaces.

“The litter and dog mess is particularly concerning. Our managing partners have identified this as a problem during their site inspections this morning. Unfortunately this means this needs to be cleared up and therefore puts staff at unnecessary risk.

“Although we have chosen to keep as many of our sites open as possible during this time we may be forced to close them if people aren’t acting in a responsible way. This would be a great shame as know that so many of our users are following the appropriate guidelines and really value being able to access our green spaces.

“Please do the right thing and we will be able to keep our spaces open as long as possible. Clearly this is a fast moving situation and we urge people to continue to follow government advice when it changes.”

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