Land Trust Annual Review - Economy

19th December 2018

Along with employing local managing partners and suppliers our sites add a value to local communities, encouraging positive investment.

We are committed to developing our understanding of the economic and other benefits to households, business and wider society of us holding and managing land for charitable purposes and the value that it creates.

Alliance Manchester Business School Research – Port Sunlight River Park

We commissioned research with the Alliance Manchester Business School to evidence the positive impact that well managed green spaces can have on house prices and the local economy.

The research focused on our site at Port Sunlight River Park. This park is a former landfill in Wirral, Northwest England and located by some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the country.

In 2014 the Land Trust working with the land owner Biffa Waste Services Ltd and other partners transformed the site into a 30 hectare park and wetland, after securing £3.4 million of public and private investment for its creation and long term maintenance.

The research highlighted that good quality green spaces, when well managed, can:

  • Improve an area’s attractiveness
  • Increase property values
  • Encourage local investment
  • Generate local business revenue
  • Create and safeguard jobs
  • Enable volunteering, learning and development
  • Protect homes and businesses from flood risk.

The green space around Port Sunlight River Park has had a direct positive impact on local property values.

  • £3.4 million investment to create and maintain the park in perpetuity
  • 5.4% increase – the increase in value every 100 metres that a house is closer to the park within 500 metres
  • £7.8 million – estimated total value that the park adds to houses located within 500 metres
  • £8,674 – the average addition per house price within 500 metres of the park.

Alison McGovern MP said:

“I’ve been involved with Port Sunlight River Park from the outset, so have seen how the Land Trust’s model for managing parks long term can really benefit communities.

“But this research goes further and can show that long term management of green spaces improve property values and local business revenues, which is crucial evidence that should increase investment in local spaces.”

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