The Land Trust launches autumn activities campaign

2nd October 2023

The Land Trust is launching a seasonal autumn activities campaign, to encourage all ages to explore the outdoors, help wildlife and create colourful nature art.

Autumn is the season full of colour and spectacular changes and the ideal time to spend time in nature, engaging with green spaces and learning new things. We have created eight autumn activities which you can do in your own garden, at a Land Trust site or at a local green space.

These activities are for all ages to enjoy and can be done on your own or with friends and family. So, enjoy some quality time in the fresh air, learn something new and have some fun along the way..

Once you’ve completed the sheets we would love it if you send us a photo of your handiwork. Please send them to or share with us on social media. Please note consent MUST be obtained by completion of the photography consent form, for anyone recognisable in the photographs (or parent / guardian consent for under 16s).

To download your activity, click on each picture below.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for ways to make a walk a bit more interesting why not do our autumn scavenger hunt? There are so many interesting things to see when you’re out and about. See what you can collect and spot on your nature walk!

Top Tip: Use an old egg carton or paper bag to save your collected items and use them to add to your nature mobile or leaf art!

Autumn Nature Mobile

Create your own art with your very own Autumn Nature Mobile!

Collect lots of your favourite colourful nature objects and tie them with string from your chosen stick to create your own beautiful creation.

Hang your mobile up indoors, in your garden or at your local park where others can enjoy your creation. Enjoy the beautiful colours and shapes from the silhouettes as they move in the sunlight!

Create Habitat Piles

Help to build a home for wildlife in your garden by creating habitat piles!

Turn over one of the logs or stones and see which bugs you can see. If you watch from a distance you may spot birds visiting or a hedgehog making itself comfy in your habitat pile!

Mindfulness in Nature

Being outside in nature is great for your mental wellbeing! Take some time for yourself and explore the outdoors using your senses.

Make your own Leaf Animals

Create your own animals using leaves and natural objects! Think about the leaf shape for your animal and use other nature objects for details like eyes, noses and patterns on your animal.

Create your own animals using leaves and natural objects! Think about the leaf shape for your animal and use other nature objects for details like eyes, noses and patterns on your animal.

Top Tip: You can use string or ribbon to join your leaves together and create a hanging decoration.

Autumn Leaf Art

With lots of fallen leaves in autumn, you can create leaf art! Leaves come in all shapes, colours and sizes making them perfect for leaf rubbing and printing.

Why not make cards to send out to your family and friends?

Nature Spotters Guide

Nature spotters guides are a great way to explore and learn more about nature on your doorstep!

You will have to search high and low but see how many of these you can spot in your garden or local park.

Helping Birds in Autumn

Autumn can be a bountiful time for our feathered friends, but we can still help to look after our visitors.

See if you can spot more birds in your garden after doing some of these activities!

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