Where The Wild Things Are


27th March 2016 : 18.00

A woodland music party at the amazing Northumberlandia sculpture site.

This event will feature:
Smokin Coconuts
Victorian Death Yard
The Mighty Vipers
Bug Man
Hannah Brown
Your Casket Or Mine
Lauren Amour

Tickets available here


The approach from the car park into the public park to view the sculpture at ground level is fully accessible. A flat gravel footpath provides a 1mile route around the landform so that the sculpture can be enjoyed from a wide variety of angles. However when the site is not staffed you may require a Radar key to gain access by wheelchair through the kissing gate at the entrance The landform itself has a range of slopes with different gradients; please use the map of the park to plan the most appropriate route for your ability. Please note that a Radar key can be used to open the kissing gate like a conventional gate enabling most wheelchairs to get into the site.

Parking available.

Event Contact

For more information or if you have a query about this event please call or email

Goddess of the North Land Sculpture

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