Rabbit Ings Summer Gala

Rabbit Ings Country Park

15th July 2018 : 11.00am - 15.30pm

Rabbit Ings Country Park Lund Hill Lane, S71 4BB

An extensive network of footpaths comprised mainly of non-bonded crushed material. Most are in excess of 2.5 metres wide, but there are narrower trails through wooded areas which are unsurfaced. Paths vary in gradient from flat to 1:10 or steeper. There are a limited number of seating areas at varied intervals throughout the woodland, most in excess of 500m apart. Access onto site is through access control barriers which permit motorised buggies.


Event Contact

For more information or if you have a query about this event please call 07731564463 or email Michael Birkinshaw

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  • Taking place outdoors
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  • A Community event
  • A Volunteering event
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