Braeburn Park

Region: South East

Braeburn Park is an expanse of green space nestled beside a housing development. It was formally taken over by the Land Trust in 2014 and our vision is to provide a well maintained green open space that will benefit local people and wildlife over the long term.


Dartford, DA1 4RG

Site size: 17 hectares

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Best time to visit is March - September

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Access for people with disabilities; however there is no wheelchair access for walking trails




Must be on a lead at all times

Things to do

Grassland and woodland wildlife; several unusal and scarce invertebrate species

Other nearby attractions

Ruxley Gravel Pits, The Warren, Birdbrook Road Nature Reserve

Braeburn Park Contact

The site contact for our Braeburn Park space is Shaun Marriott

This space is managed in partnership with London Wildlife Trust


Braeburn Park is a place that was created as part of a large residential development in Braeburn, Crayford. The site, originally known as the ‘Gun Club Site’ was a contaminated brownfield site and as such, provided some challenges in finding a long-term management solution.

But now, the Land Trust, which is very experienced in dealing with and providing solutions for these types of complex sites has been brought in to manage the site in the long term.

Due to its historical use, it is closely and regularly monitored for any potential environmental risks to ensure that it is safe for the local community and for wildlife.

The park and woodland is a green open space that has been reclaimed from land that was previously used in industry and as such, has complex needs for long term management.


The Land Trust aims to create a new green open space and nature conservation area to sit within this large, residential development.

The park and woodland will be managed so it evolves and thrives to become an exciting green space for the people of Braeburn Park and beyond.

As owners of the site, the Land Trust manage it in partnership with London Wildlife Trust.

Land Trust Contact

To contact the Land Trust about this site or how we could help manage your space please email our Estates Manager Simon Pile or call 07747 455980.

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