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10th October 2019

BLOG: World Mental Health Day ‘We’re in this together. Every mind matters.’

When I started to write the latest Land Trust blog for World Mental Health Day I decided I wanted to start with a definition, a simple explanation of something that 1 in 4 of us are going to struggle with at some point every single year.

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Wellington Statue at Wellesley Woodlands

9th October 2019

The Land Trust secures funding for Go Wild Family Challenge sheets at Wellesley Woodlands

The Land Trust is delighted to announce that it has received a £2,500 grant from the Farnborough Airport Community Environmental Fund to design and create Go Wild Family Challenge sheets to help visitors to Wellesley Woodlands learn more about the ecology and nature of the site through a range of activities.

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Land Trust Trustees

8th October 2019

The Land Trust appoints six new Trustees

The Land Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of six new Trustees with one joining the Board immediately and five joining in December.

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Port Sunlight mindfulness walk

23rd September 2019

Participants report improvement in mental wellbeing after mindfulness course at Port Sunlight River Park

Participants reported huge improvements in their mental wellbeing after attending an eight week mindfulness course on the Land Trust’s site at Port Sunlight River Park.

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Avenue Washlands has become a vital stop for swallow migration

Avenue Washlands proving a vital pit stop for swallow migration

Thousands of swallows are congregating on the Land Trust site at The Avenue Washlands this autumn as they prepare for their 6000 mile migration to South Africa for the winter.

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I used to work at Askern pit so I've got an affinity with the place. I've been volunteering at the park for the past couple of years, helping people get the most out of it.

Pete Robson, volunteer at Warren House Park

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