Canvey Wick sculpture

22nd November 2018

Recycled sculpture celebrates transformation of Canvey Wick

A new sculpture depicting a dragonfly has been unveiled at Canvey Wick nature reserve this week.

20th November 2018

Silverdale gets gold at Heart of England in Bloom Awards

Silverdale Country Park has won gold for the second consecutive year in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Heart of England in Bloom awards.

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10th August 2018

Regular exercise 'best for mental health'

It's great to see the research base around physical activity and improved mental health continuing to grow. 

Our Health for Life project at Countess of Chester Country Park produced similar findings with people reporting that spending time outdoors had a significant positive impact on how they were feeling. 

16th April 2018

Hospital admission due to obesity show a worrying increase of 20%

The recent news that hospital admissions where obesity is a factor is on a sharp incline is increasingly worrying. 

With more pressure on the NHS than ever before it is absolutely vital that problems such as obesity, which are inherently avoidable, are tackled at the source allowing health professionals time to focus on real issues. 

We have many health activities taking place on our sites across the country and we know they make a difference to people's health and well-being, both physical and mental. 

The answer to this problem is a simple one: more time spent outdoors in attractive green spaces. 

There are plenty of places out there already but we also need government to recognise that sustainable investment in green space is a worthwhile one, will improve people's lifestyles and will have a positive impact, not just on the spiralling costs of the NHS, but also on the UK economy as a whole. 

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‘Forest Friends’ Forest Schools


10th November 2018 |

Port Sunlight River Park Tuesday Health Walk

Port Sunlight River Park

11th December 2018 | 10.30-11.30am

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Walking Routes

There’s a walk for everyone, regardless of age, ability or fitness level because we believe that access to good quality, connected networks and green spaces should be inclusive.

the Land Trust Annual Review 2016-17

Annual Report 2017

This report from the Board of Trustees and Executive Team features the Trust’s achievements, accounts and outcomes for communities across the UK.

The Economic Value of our Green Spaces

Report to look at the economic value of our green spaces, using Port Sunlight River Park as a case study.

The Hidden Value of our Green Spaces front cover

The Hidden Value of our Green Spaces 2017

Report to look at the value of our green spaces from a Natural Capital perspective, using Silverdale Country Park and Beam Parklands as case studies having had natural capital accounts done of the sites.

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