Public Health and Wellbeing

What the Land Trust believes

We believe that everyone should have access to good quality green space because well managed green spaces have multiple positive benefits on people’s health and wellbeing. These include:

  • Improving and strengthening our physical and mental health
  • Promoting healthy and active lifestyles, being places to exercise, relax and unwind.
  • Increasing community cohesion, reducing anti-social behaviour, isolation and stress.
  • Creating opportunities for working, learning and development, volunteering and connecting people in a positive way to their local area
  • this also reduces potential costs to the public health costs.
  • Improving air, water and soil quality, which in turn reduces pollution and the associated negative health impacts
  • Reducing the pressures on public health services, leading to financial savings
  • Reducing business costs relating to absenteeism and lost productivity from ill health

We make a demonstrable contribution to health objectives by providing safe, clean, green, accessible environments for people to use and enjoy as well as through our other objectives for environment, education and social cohesion.

What we want to achieve

We want decision makers across all sectors, including health professionals, transport and infrastructure leaders, developers, planners and local authorities to recognise the value of green spaces to society and maximise opportunities for green spaces and green infrastructure to be embedded into all aspects of society.

What we are doing

We are working at national and local levels to champion the importance of green spaces on public health.

We are using different methods of valuing our green spaces, from social value assessments and natural capital accounting to demonstrate in monetary terms how people’s health and wellbeing improves with access to good quality green space and using this to engage with policy makers.

For some children it's probably their first encounter with wildlife, so for them it's a really good educational place.

Emily, Site Ranger, Bentley Community Woodland


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