What the Land Trust believes

Placemaking is a collaborative approach to planning, designing and managing public spaces, in order to create places where people want to live, work, play, invest, be healthy and happy.

We know that the country needs to build more houses, but we believe that instead of just focusing quantities of houses, the focus needs to be on quality design, which leads to successful placemaking.

We believe that to create a great place, green space is a key element, and it should be well integrated into developments and managed long term.

Well designed places can:

  • Promote healthy, sustainable lifestyles
  • Reduce pressures and costs on public services
  • Attract additional investment and create opportunities for local people and businesses
  • Create a sense of belonging, identify and community cohesion, reducing crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Ensure the environment is resilient to changing climates, be able to work effectively to maintain air, soil and water quality and support biodiversity.

By creating great places, which are attractive and well used, they will be valued by people and continue to deliver benefits and support communities well into the future.

What we want to achieve

We want to see a more joined up approach to land use, ensure it is balanced appropriately and that the planning system reflects this, ensuring that high quality places are created, with well-designed developments and integrated green spaces.

What we are doing

Working with different groups, communicating our messages and responding to government consultations to champion the importance of placemaking and the role of green space within it.

For some children it's probably their first encounter with wildlife, so for them it's a really good educational place.

Emily, Site Ranger, Bentley Community Woodland


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